Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer 2012 Update

 In June, Ritchell's dad passed away after having a stroke in May and other health complications from diabetes.  We miss him very much and will always cherish the memories and great example he was!
Tatay Gabriel and AnaBelle, January 2008
Our last goodbye at the Davao airport, January 2008

Here are some other updates from this spring and summer---not in any particular order.

We had an informal mission reunion this summer with the Oller and Sebresos families!  It was great to have them over and to catch up.

The 'ders!  (and future 'der Ethan)

By their fruits ye shall know them....

Hunter & Yolanda Sebresos, Dan & Ritchell Steinmetz, Ledrich & Angelina Oller

The kiddos sitting on the floor watching TV

Dan & Brother Inlayo
 We had a great visit this spring with the Inlayo family as they dropped of their son at the MTC! 


Beautiful 'Nessa with her red teddy


Prettiest girl in the world!

The Inlayos!

Easter fun!

More Easter fun!
 Vanessa turned 3 in May!  A month later she finally decided she didn't want to be in diapers any more!  Our little girl is growing so fast!  She is so special to us.  We just love her huge personality!
AnaBelle blowing bubbles at 'Nessa's 3rd birthday party

Birthday girl blowing bubbles

3 years old!


We're very proud of our preschool graduate!  Ana with her awesome preschool teachers.

Jordan finally got some teeth
 AnaBelle turned 5 and Jordan turned 1 last month!  This year was the first joint birthday party for the two of them!  They are both growing so fast.  We can't believe we have a 5 year old already!  Ana is so smart and always learning.  She is very artistic and loves to color....crayons, markers, chalk.  She especially loves to spend time with her cousins.
Ana's pretty pose---this is at her and Jordan's birthday party

Love this girl!

 Jordan finally pushed some teeth out.  He is not quite walking yet, but getting close.  He loves to play and giggle.  We are so blessed to have him around!
The birthday boy, Jordan at his first birthday party

Cute kid

My awesome cousin Rachel and two of her boys

Grandpa and Bugoy takin' a snooze at the party

Ana swinging at the birthday "pinata"

Family pic at the double birthday party

Our kids' second cousins

Another pretty pose from the birthday girl

Aubrey, Camille, and Mom

Ana after the party in her new pajamas

Mommy painted Ana's face again


Ganda no?

Jordan's pogi pose

Ana at a neighbor's b-day party

The kids swimming on the deck

Lola and the girls at Lola's birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse!

Love these kids!

Jordan sportin' his new BYU hat!

Up to no good

New Sunday suit! 

 In February, I put in my application to the BYU MBA program.  I studied for months to take the GMAT.  I took it and thought that my score wasn't enough to get me into the program, so I decided to study and take it a second time.  Just before I was scheduled to take it a second time, I was invited in for an interview with the core supply chain management faculty.  I took the GMAT again and ended up with the same score as the first attempt!  It was very frustrating, but the next day I had my interview and then later that week found out that I was accepted anyway!
I found out at the end of April that I was accepted into BYU's MBA program! 
We are excited for this new adventure in life.  I will be headed back to school mid August.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Thank you!

Thanks to all of you who donated your time and money for the flood victims in the Philippines!  We were able to raise just under $1000.  Below are some pictures of a portion of the benefits that came from your efforts!  Thank you!